Zensoft’s Foundation Day Celebrations – 2015

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Zensoft Services Celebrates yet another year of excellence, enthusiasm and passion for envisioning smarter software for a smarter world through innovation in Software Quality & Testing Solutions.  On the 1st April 2015, we at Zensoft celebrated our foundation day. Ushering in a new beginning.

It was a low key affair as planned and we wanted to take a moment of peace and solace and breathe in the year that just passed by.

We were not contemplating on any big event, we simply couldn’t; we did not have enough time. Nonetheless, few key events had to happen and most important of them all was the unveiling of the new corporate identity. We cast aside the previous Zensoft identify; which is fair as it is a new beginning for all of us. The new Zensoft logo had to be officially unveiled to the team. The marketing & Human Resources team had worked very hard conceptualizing and building the new logo and the entire corporate identify and there could not have been a better day to unveil it.

We did not want to go the traditional route; and wanted something that was comparatively unique; didn’t cost a dime (well almost) and yet “impressive”. The next morning me and my team, we stepped in early (yes, almost all of us came in early); we had planned to put up white and blue balloons, make a little cloud with it.  To unveil it all, our CEO – Rahul Chaudhari would have to cut a small thread and the cloud was supposed to disburse slowly revealing the “Blue” Zensoft. It indeed happened as we planned and expected.

With great excitement, aspirations and hope we revealed our new company logo that we believe would help us build a new, fresh, modern, professional and global identity for the company. From a creative and brand/identity creation stand point; various facets were pondered upon for building our corporate logo including:

  1. The meaning of Zen which provides a strong meaning to the existence of the company. It signifies “a total state of focus. Zen involves dropping illusion and seeing things without distortion created by your own thoughts.”
  2. Where we want to be? We see ourselves as a global brand and that is where we want to be.
  3. What should be our identity? Professional, Global, with the times, Ethical, focused without distractions, simple yet Elegant & Modern?

Keeping the logo simple, subtle and not colorful and void of distractions, yet keeping it modern and elegant is what we wanted to achieve.

On this Occasion, Rahul Chaudhari said that the year gone by was “phenomenal” not only because of the large client acquisitions, but more so because of the strong reaction and acceptance from the industry to our company’s vision. The year gone by was a year of planting the seeds towards building up of a great team and subsequently a great company. And we look at the year ahead with great excitement and hope. We are extremely proud to be associated with some of the smartest and biggest companies in the world that includes Fortune 500 companies and we are only poised for accelerated growth.

We leave you with some of the moments that we could capture. Zensoft is the place to be and is poised to become one of the largest and most respected community of Software Testing professionals in the world.