Case-Study-An End-to-end Provisioning Management System with Disaster Recovery for the Government in a Time Frame of 3 weeks

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May 25, 2018
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State Government



  • collecting inputs and reviews
  • architect, design, and deploy the solution with ‘disaster recovery’ feature in an extremely short time frame


The client had initiated an IT modernization project for the entire state. This involved establishment of 15,000 endpoint systems for business users, system users, and administrators, spread across the state. The client also wanted to have a remote central administration of each endpoint. The client approached ZenSOFT to architect, design and deploy an IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager based solution with disaster recovery facility in a record turn-around time of 3 weeks.

Business Case

The state IT modernization was brought into implementation with a singular focus of offering transparent and faster services to the citizens. The client wanted to automate provisioning of IT infrastructure so as to reduce the turnaround time and associated overhead costs on human resources. The client wanted a solution that could also cater to future scalability of the network. The client had envisioned remote central administration of 15,000 endpoints that would enable the client to check system inventory in terms of both hardware and software, manage patches, and deploy software & operating system – at each endpoint. The client also wanted to run auto audits on endpoints to check for any system upgradation requirements and also provide a choice to the user to self-install an application of interest without having any technical installation knowledge.

Goal (Challenge)

For ZenSOFT collecting inputs and reviews was the biggest challenge. Also ZenSOFT had to architect, design, and deploy the solution with ‘disaster recovery’ feature in an extremely short time frame of 3 weeks.

Solution we provided

ZenSOFT team deployed their best brains to design and deploy IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager which could support

  • Inventory management
  • Operating system and provisioning
  • Patch management and software deployment

The team then rolled out core server instances and integrated all the endpoints in the network. Subsequently ZenSOFT team architected a disaster recovery site for the client. ZenSOFT worked out of the client’s premises to actively assist in production roll out. This was further facilitated through hands-on training sessions and theoretical knowledge transfer. Presently ZenSOFT is helping the client maintain the systems via remote support.

Business Benefits

Besides being able to remotely manage 15,000 endpoints through a central location, the client is also able to:

  • Cost effectively setup an IT provisioning and disaster recovery environment for optimized resource management
  • Get a trusted value partner for future technology enablements
  • Provide faster and better services to the citizens of the state


  • IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager for Software Distribution
  • IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager for Inventory
  • Microsoft Windows based core infrastructure