This is Why You Should Invest Heavily into Office Infrastructure

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August 6, 2018
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September 28, 2018
Why You Should Invest Heavily into Office Infrastructure

Thanks to the pace our company is growing at, recently we’ve taken over a new workspace. The office is spacious, well-designed, technologically-equipped and is blessed with a lot of natural light. Most importantly, the place has harmonious vibes and makes everyone who visits fall in love with our new office instantaneously. However, all this comes at an investment, and I’ve always been questioned as to why I choose to splurge on infrastructure when I could create a satisfactory workspace at a much lower price?

I believe that transformation takes place when we surround ourselves with good energy. Considering that each of us spends 40-45 hours a week at work, unquestionably this place has a significant impact on our lives. Now, imagine spending 9 hours of your day at a place that was poorly lit, had old furniture, and the paint was peeling off the walls- would this grim environment make you feel positive and charged or would it suck the energy out of you?

Why is it Important for Organizations to Invest in Creating Workspaces that Excite Employees?

Having clients across the globe, I’ve visited a few exceptionally designed offices. These workspaces genuinely left me awestruck. But it wasn’t their modernized design or amenities that had an impact on me, but the overall harmony. I mean, the people working there looked energetic, happy and focused. It felt like they were proud to be working there.

The physical workspace is something we can see, and touch. It’s the carpet beneath our feet, the art that hangs on the walls, the cubicles we occupy while working, the leisure area we visit to unwind. Our surroundings tend to affect us more than we think they do. The well-being of our employees is correlated with their productivity and performance, and even a tiny shift in their well-being can have a dramatic impact on their overall performance. And one of the most significant factors that contribute to our employees’ well-being is the physical workspace. Employees who enjoy and appreciate their work environments tend to be more engaged, productive, happy, and healthy.

Aptly said by Richard Branson, “Clients don’t come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients.” I think it’s an organizational responsibility to give high performing teams a fantastic experience at work. While most companies go out of their way to take care of their clients (and there’s nothing wrong in that), we have created an organizational culture where talent is nurtured and adding to the workforce’s well-being is treated as a top priority.

“Great things will manifest where there’s harmony.”

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