Why are Performance Testing Services a Must?

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July 9, 2018
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August 6, 2018

While delivering software solutions under tight deadlines, most companies often tend to ignore the importance of software performance testing. It can be challenging for Performance Testing Services companies to convince organizations to start with software performance testing right from the beginning of the project, rather than towards the end.

However, in today’s day and age, the importance of software performance testing cannot be overstated. This is because over the years NextGen computing has changed the way software is deployed, monitored and used by the end users. Be it computing, storage or networking, a virtually infinite pool of resources is offered, where software solutions can be calibrated as desired.

Benefits of Performance Testing Services
Lately, a lot of companies have been outsourcing Performance Testing services to an external company. This is because they now realize that Software Performance Testing is a critical element as it directly impacts the end user experience. The main aim of Performance Testing as a service is to ensure that the system behaves in a predictable manner irrespective of the number of simultaneous users, different system configurations, various stress conditions, etc. Performance Testing services would help you identify parameters that hinder system throughput and response latency.

Companies providing Software Testing Services and solutions bring privileges to Software testing by reducing capital and operational costs. This is done by moving load-based application and software performance testing to the cloud. Performance testing is a cost-effective means of testing applications at scale. It also allows you to simulate load tests constituting a multitude of concurrent users coming from diverse geographical locations.

Why do you need Performance Testing Services?
Since there are risks associated with performing testing, companies providing Performance Testing Services and Solutions plan their test strategy carefully. Creating a test environment, Infra requirements for the tests and the required testing tools, hardware, bandwidth, and software, etc. are a few of their criterions. They carefully look into aspects such as security, quality, reliability, latency, bandwidth, etc. as well.

For software performance testing, the load is expected to vary with varying user’s demands and many other factors, hence testing as per a defined test strategy is a must. While continuous monitoring and analyzing test results as in the case of any other setup is required, here it should be done in real-time to warrant improvement over a period.

Things to Remember while Performance Testing
Don’t Indulge in Background Tasks
Do not indulge in background tasks such as data analysis, generating mass emails, etc. Functions which are not serving the end user should be performed separately on other occasions.

One Parameter at a Time
Change one parameter at a time during performance testing. This is because if you encounter a discrepancy in performance, then it will be difficult to decipher whether it was caused by the script or application build.

Think from a Real User’s Perspective
It is vital for performance test scripts to depict actual user behavior.

To Cache or Not?
Caching helps increase the performance of the system. On the flip side though, too much of caching does not help. Therefore, it is essential to cache intelligently.

Beware of Expensive Queries
Database queries should be monitored as they can sometimes be expensive. If not given enough attention, the queries may slow the running or use up all the databases resources.

Zensoft’s Performance Testing Services have successfully conducted software performance testing for several clients. Our method-driven approach helps achieve the pre-defined objectives and deliver value to businesses and surpassing their expectations. As a performance testing services company, we uniquely identify performance workload models with skills of monitoring and optimization techniques for various server/middleware technologies and platforms. Get in touch with us if you are looking for performance testing services for your business-critical applications and web services and we will be more than happy to help.

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