• Make Performance Better
    Align your business goals with the application
    objectives & underlying hardware/software by getting
    simpler, smarter and better performance engineering.

What does performance mean to your business?

Regardless of whether you are a product vendor or a service provider, there is a direct correlation between the performance of your applications. The satisfaction level of your end users that will ultimately drive your business towards either success or failure

Why is Re-engineering for Performance Required?



The application responds fast enough for the intended users.



The application handles the expected user load and beyond.



The application is stable under expected and unexpected user loads



Users have a positive experience on the go-live day


of frequent application crashes

Poor responsiveness will result in the loss of existing customers and a drop in potential clients. To avoid this scenario, it is essential that:

  • Requirements are designed keeping in mind the application or web page/action's SLAs for page speed.
  • A component wise breakdown of E2E response time is available for scenario designing
effects of frequent application crashes


of frequent application crashes

With the advent of highly available infrastructure and services, a system outage or downtime can significantly impact revenue and affect the brand reputation. Further on, it can result in a lost opportunity, and broken customer loyalty.

  • The average large corporation experiences 87 hours of network downtime a year. In terms of revenue and time this means:

In terms of revenue and time this means:

effects of frequent application crashes


of frequent application crashes

Production defects and design changes on an average have been observed to cost five times more. An upfront and thorough analysis of efficiency and effectiveness of IT solutions have demonstrated in adding value to the business, leveraging avenues to reduce costs.

effects of frequent application crashes


of a Competitive Edge

Customer migration due to a technological lag is a challenge plaguing today’s industry. With the advent of Micro Services and agile methodologies, time-to-market has considerably reduced. And, the use of artificial intelligence, deep learning and machine learning have become increasingly popular. Thus, the need of the hour is to continually reinvent and bring out differentiators.

effects of frequent application crashes

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